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how political parties can make a real difference
strategies for a nature-based running campaign

the following was created particularly for the political parties in the "u.s.a"

such "party" consists of a network of many individuals & are out on the public-scene

reposting the following article & video is allowed

the following was written by cory edmund endrulat, simply a fellow messenger

"indirect integrative-collaboration" of NITA with parties


Hello, perhaps you are someone who wants to bring change to your local communities and in ripple effect to the world. Or perhaps you are someone from the “Libertarian” Party and you want to understand a completely outside-the-box however practical and more-natural approach to the political scene. Whatever it may be, as long as your heart is in the right place and you have an open heart, therefore an open mind, the following strategies may come of use. For where it stands, the Libertarian Party, although different in principle, is often similar in approach to that of the other parties, yet gets little say in matter concerning what some people would only call the two-party system. The libertarian party, although with a network of millions across the nation in politics, often still has also the same dependencies to that of the two-party system, which we will further explore as we move on. I made this in particular for this party due to their seemingly-close yet open relationship with that of liberty and seeking to attain it; the following strategies have never been spoken of before in the realm of politics, however in order to constitute more than just a usual running-campaign impact.

The first strategy here is to that of understanding the need of dropping money in the case of truly standing for liberty. Although this may seem unpractical or nonsensical at first, when you consider the simple mere impact of people rather than money, you may see such statement differently. The idea is to instead of gathering money, this network gathers people, both that they already have and more that they may easily seek. By easily seek, I refer to having crowds upon public gatherings, where all the money consumed is essentially spiritual currency, that of time and attention; where individuals can join into this crowd and at least see the presence of such demonstration. Shall the individuals within this crowd, may it be the Libertarian Party members and others, have a unique flag to show, it will spark an unseen or questionable dialogue among not only other party members, but the local media, communities and everyone about such representation as demonstration. There shall be appeal for higher-ups in this network to drop money and simply gather the numbers necessary for this “great work” to manifest; they should be able to do this rather easily, with the gathering of different state-wide clubs, upon perhaps the capital areas of each state. There of course shall be reason as to this however, and that brings us to our next points, in necessary connection for real totally possible change never seen before. It must be noted that in a world and time-place-setting which has great deception and manipulation about (otherwise deemed as denaturing elements), the reason to drop money for liberty grows increasingly evident, just as you shall not expend freedom for security. Rather than the numbers of money, it is the numbers of people that is actually required for any change to manifest. The Libertarian network provides the perfect foundation to set this into motion, it’s with simply the use of numbers of people, shall they choose to drop money out of the picture for true liberty and follow these strategies.


The second point and strategy to make is that when it comes to introducing all these new strategies to the parties and communities about, it is not simply seminars or presentations that will do the trick among this matter. In fact, such should always be the optional look-into for individuals on their own behalf, they may easily come across such on the internet (alike that of the seminars and documentaries I have done, available for viewing anytime and anywhere for free) and by way of optional helpful resource. For real impact however, involving awakening the masses and those beholden by darkness, we would rather need mass get-together events, wherein there is speaking or speeches on public streets or in any public gathering spaces, where anybody is able to join, again free from the influence of the religion of money or as we will soon discuss, even political affiliation. Such also details the fact that there is no need for protests, as such will not be a living example of “being the change”, it rather stands as “begging for change.” Therefore the next question comes, now after addressing the network and it’s use of resources, what will we speak of and what ideas will we present to the world through these differentiating gatherings?


The third highly effective strategy is that of speaking about universal objective truths found in nature, such would include the occult or purposefully hidden knowledge of the natural law and understanding our human rights given by such laws of nature. These, by the very nature of their workings, help teach us objective differences in right and wrong, therefore helping us understand morality, as well as understanding common sense or conscience upon understanding the consequences to our behavior. The most extensive teacher upon this subject is the individual, Mark Passio, who has devoted his life works to the matter and actively demonstrates how little money one may have for their high investment in truth that goes suppressed or censored, despite the powerful voice and information being presented. Another individual who speaks upon this universal matter, however without mentioning natural law necessarily, is Larken Rose. Despite these two individuals, it comes down to the understanding of what we all share and what is here and always has been. Without this firm grounding in both universal and objective basis, we often scramble divided among one another and our terms of “equality” and “right to this or that” remains undetermined by any underlying basis. We must not only know our rights, but where our rights come from, the natural law, otherwise known as “the law” is here for such reason; these span past nationwide boundaries and they have always existed and will always exist. We can accept anyone to believe what they want to believe, however the problem comes when they impose their will upon another, the problem comes when their beliefs don’t align with that of objective inherent morality in nature. Individuals who believe they can be “god” in a sense or determine such moral and immoral behavior themselves, are then falling to what is called “moral relativism”, a tenet of S4tanism, again perfect for a lack of grounding. Spreading universal and objective understandings based in nature, which we all share, helps not only unify, but also provide an indisputable, less-divided ground for clearer-directions in the path for humanity to move forward toward the freedom we desire. For it is aspects such as freedom that are specifically defined by way of the law, and if we don’t understand the law or we do understand it and are not sharing it yet want freedom for the world, we will not accomplish liberty. Regardless of many things including speaking of symptoms or acting upon symptoms, speaking upon the universal does no harm and helps us target the root cause to the problems present in the world, for it speaks upon truth, which is defined as being “objective, meaning that it is not based on the perception of human beings (which is capable of wavering). It is simply that which is. That of which has occurred in the past and that of which is occurring in the present”. For a general sense of understanding upon the natural law, as again one great universal application toward appeal and rooted-change, it’s working definition is that of being “universal, non-man-made, binding and immutable conditions that govern the consequences of behavior. Natural law is a body of universal spiritual laws which act as the governing dynamics of consciousness.” If we observe the Libertarian Party’s “statement of principles”, we can make more distinct and grounded understandings when applying the natural law and providing more universal and objective basis.


That brings us to point four which is to reevaluate the “statement of principles” for the libertarian party and seek to bring a universal and inherently moral, expansive perspective based in nature regardless if it’s of the libertarian party or not, to which shall simply demonstrate to all human beings. In any case, we shall not get caught in semantics or word play, in fact helping reevaluate the statements made can help us clear up confusion or unclear messages within. The Libertarian Party “Statement of Principles” are as follows:


“We, the members of the Libertarian Party, challenge the cult of the omnipotent state and defend the rights of the individual. We hold that all individuals have the right to exercise sole dominion over their own lives, and have the right to live in whatever manner they choose, so long as they do not forcibly interfere with the equal right of others to live in whatever manner they choose. Governments throughout history have regularly operated on the opposite principle, that the State has the right to dispose of the lives of individuals and the fruits of their labor. Even within the United States, all political parties other than our own grant to government the right to regulate the lives of individuals and seize the fruits of their labor without their consent. We, on the contrary, deny the right of any government to do these things, and hold that where governments exist, they must not violate the rights of any individual: namely, (1) the right to life — accordingly we support the prohibition of the initiation of physical force against others; (2) the right to liberty of speech and action — accordingly we oppose all attempts by government to abridge the freedom of speech and press, as well as government censorship in any form; and (3) the right to property — accordingly we oppose all government interference with private property, such as confiscation, nationalization, and eminent domain, and support the prohibition of robbery, trespass, fraud, and misrepresentation. Since governments, when instituted, must not violate individual rights, we oppose all interference by government in the areas of voluntary and contractual relations among individuals. People should not be forced to sacrifice their lives and property for the benefit of others. They should be left free by government to deal with one another as free traders; and the resultant economic system, the only one compatible with the protection of individual rights, is the free market.” (The Statement of Principles was approved at the Convention in Dallas in 1974)

In reevaluation to simply apply the presented statements in the context of natural law, the Human cause for freedom “statement of principles” are as follows and this example was made for perspective:

“We, the people of earth coming together in a system we call the Libertarian Party to simply demonstrate our desire for freedom, challenge the slavery of government by way of education about statism under natural law, and in order to understand the rights of individuals, to whom each shall be defended. Natural law is defined as “universal, non-man-made, binding and immutable conditions that govern the consequences of behavior. A body of universal spiritual laws which act as the governing dynamics of consciousness.” We hold in defense of natural law, that all individuals have the right to exercise sovereignty of natural law’s positive expression, otherwise known as an internal monarchy, to have control over their own lives and live in whatever manner they choose as through freedom or external anarchy (no rulers), so long as they do not commit immoral acts upon others, including natural law transgressions, all of which are forms of theft. Immoral acts are those of which result in harm to other sentient beings (or their property) or that of which is in opposition to natural law. Any action that does not cause such harm is a right. Natural law always holds true regardless of a population’s belief systems. This means that it does not matter how many people agree that “a Wrong can be turned into a Right” or vice versa. Every individual has the same exact rights. No one has any more or less Rights than any one else. Also, since Rights are not created by humanity, and since they are the birth-right of humanity, gifted to us by nature, no human being or group of human beings is actually capable of “granting” Rights to anyone else, nor is any human being capable of “revoking” Rights from anyone else. Governments by their very nature and as demonstrated by history, rely on natural law’s negative expression, immoral behavior, man’s law and upon the dependency of statism, therefore the legitimization of masters and slaves. Statism is a religion, to which it is of individuals who erroneously believe that there is such a thing as “Authority” vested in certain human beings, magically giving them the “right to rule” over other people. This “Authority” means that certain people, who we call “Government,” have the “moral right” to issue commands to those whom they rule (those under their “jurisdiction”), and that their “subjects” (slaves) have a “moral obligation” to obey the arbitrary dictates (“laws”) set by their Masters. Most simply put, an individual who is partaking in statism, is someone who believes in the legitimacy of slavery, by it’s nature. Even within the area of land on earth we call the “United States,” all political parties including that of the Libertarian party that does not abide to natural law, allows individuals calling themselves “Government” the submissive (through threat of violence) right to rule and control individuals and commit natural law transgressions without ever having the inherent and moral right to do so. We, on the contrary, deny the right of all governments to exist, which is why we educate the public about the nature of government and hold that where statism exists, government exists and therefore, slavery exists. None shall violate the rights of others, such constitutes the mass understanding or education of natural law and it’s transgressions. Life, Rights and Freedom are all forms of property that belongs with human beings. Force through way of the self-defense principle and the non-aggression principle constitute moral behavior because they are not violating other’s rights and therefore they are actions which one always possesses the Right to take. Violence, which the threat thereof takes place in government and in enforcing man’s law, creating compliance out of fear, is the immoral initiation of physical power to coerce, compel or restrain; action which one never possesses the Right to take. All government existence and therefore interference is in opposition to this understanding. A voluntary, coexistent and optimally peaceful and free world is based in the understanding of natural law and it’s positive expression. Such understanding gives way to knowing morality, our own rights, common sense and our own actions such as statism, without any need of external dependence (elections and government) due to it’s irrelevant and unnecessary nature. People should not be slaves, and no person has the right to be a master of slaves. All shall be free from government, to live their lives in peace and of their own responsibility; with the guidance, courage and conversation of all one another to help set this into motion for all.”

Point and strategy five is to not promote a candidate for office, and to rather promote a generational and universal worldly corresponding idea for the world, starting perhaps with here, wherever this campaign begins. This idea may be “Nature Is The Answer” as to correspond with what can be changed for good. If a person must be behind these ideas for time-need-be on certain “legal” or “political” forms, be sure to orient all else around the ideas and advertising the ideas directly, not the person, ever, although they may be a speaker of these ideas, however prominent. A true leader shall follow the Tao Te Ching, as is reflective for “the way of nature” and refuse ego, seeking consensus and not difference. The ideas within the ideas may be the specific actions we take to make the world a better place, simple things such as starting community gardens or having communities being able to protect one another, to all that is of the multiplicative expression acts for Natural Law’s positive expression. The Libertarian party has long relied on being of the traditional party-system, where votes are cast upon certain individuals to run for office. This is counter-intuitive to that of freedom or external anarchy, as we have already defined by natural law. In order to take a truly new approach to make more impact, the campaign must consider taking singular people out of the equation. If we are to “be the change we wish to see in the world” and increase worldly self-responsibility, we shall live and promote such ideas directly and practically. The best way to do this is by spreading the very ideas, rather than the individuals who hold the ideas; for that is what should matter more to worldly peoples anyways. It has also been long said that “small people talk about other people, average people talk about events, great people talk about ideas.” It is the people who deliver ideas, therefore the deliverance if it’s through way of education, not dependence, is what will create a sustaining change asking of no money, only the elimination of statism. Many quotes and influential people who have become more-of guides, that includes real leaders who refuse to rule over others or contribute to statism, have talked about this relationship between education and freedom.


Thus, we bring ourselves to point and strategy six, which is to understand the root cause to all the manifested evil on this earth, being statism and natural law’s negative expression, contributing to what is known as the one true divide, between those of statism, and those who refuse to partake in acts of statism. Such details the one great work, it is to educate the mass populace about statism and natural law, essentially to help individuals in the realization that, in supporting and condoning the legitimacy of “Authority” and Government (Man’s law), that they have actually been supporting and condoning the legitimacy of Slavery, and that they were Immoral for having done so; to abandon such limits (religions by definition-nature), the false and dogmatic beliefs which hold back the progress of Consciousness (the ability of a being to recognize patterns and meaning with respect to events taking place, both within oneself and in the realm in which the self exists and operates) by impeding the reception of Truth and Natural Law.


Point and strategy seven is the amplification of education and conversation to turn a political party such as the Libertarian Party into a movement. All the successful attempts to change the system that be, were not mere regular political parties, but rather became unique idea-leading movements.


This brings us to point and strategy eight, which is for individuals, both of the movement and the world, to which they shall be a part of directly, to understand the better world there is ever-present and there can be, if we fulfill the requirements to the desires we have of the better world for all. This world would be of voluntary coexistence, and so to “be the change”, none are above another and we are all to help one another, especially to the better world we all want to live in; with action steps all to our own free will choice, we are all fellow messengers on the same journey of life, just with different experiences and awareness. Reason shall be made for appeal in understanding the universal concepts, to then bring about unity for a coordinated direction of change. This is integration and promotion for nature, for disintegration and demotion from man’s artificial creation. Natural law and aspects thereof may be of the integration and promotion, whereas statism and aspects thereof may be of the disintegration and demotion.


This brings us to point and strategy nine, which is to run with the regular political process while refusing to accept winning, although seeking to be of the running, then utilizing many different strategies to “run” as such is and was detailed. Part of appeal is not out-casting oneself too much, however enough to create a natural transition. You may be reflective for that “winning” is never truly winning, as all must be the change and no dependence shall ever take place. It is winning to simply get the ideas out there and the mass public educated, as this should be the end goal and result, the conversation for critical thinking and common sense. This is detailed for the “Nature Is The Answer” movement’s own share-sheet, meant to be the foundation for what comes thereof. This movement also details the transition through both a general 6-step speculation and a reflective, individual 6-step speculation; both dependent on representation (advertising; look-at or face-value) and conversation (evidence of advertising; look-into or human-nature-value), to which representation of the ideas and actions is also dependent on conversation, creating demonstration to which is what joining as sharing “Nature Is The Answer”, is at most.


Point and strategy ten, is to eliminate the fictional time-constraints we place upon ourselves, rather to embrace the spiritual currencies (time and attention) to that of upholding an idea past any set election or campaign-race times. In other words, advertisements and merchandise, or any representative material for that matter, are able to remain year after year, forever as long as human beings choose for themselves. Instead of limited-time volunteering efforts for external-dependency change that you see political parties and elections promoting, we can all volunteer our efforts for voluntarism as a whole and in providing education about natural law or universal truths through a number of methodologies. Instead of propagating statism and proposing new forms of statism, therein lives the root-tackling idea of eliminating statism via adding-in or integrating universal education and ideas (adding in to crowd out). “Nature Is The Answer” is an idea itself, that also helps represent many other ideas, including that of natural law, natural health and natural rights; all of great interest to those who understand and apply these, due to the reason of inherent connections we as human beings have to our natural world and as we move into manifested evil-statism worlds that rely on denaturing and being denatured. It shall be if anything, a generational message as mission for the world to understand the truths that are ever-present, shall we not want to repeat history and contribute to mass amounts of harm, done through way of statism as Democide.


Point and strategy eleven is to be of the no-party party, especially now as it seeks to be of a movement and not simply a third-party. If anything, it is the universal party, however simply the gathering of human-beings, knowing true freedom will come from mass-public understanding of morality and not electing anyone into office, as it is detailed in the law of freedom, where “freedom and morality are directly proportional” and “as morality increases, freedom increases”, “as morality declines, freedom declines.” Shall this be the goal of the Libertarian Party, they must be willing to stand for a new-grounding, such as Nature Is The Answer, understand the other points and strategies mentioned, and truly stand for the truth at the end of the day, nothing else. With this law understood, “the presence of truth and morality in the lives of the people of any given society is inversely proportional to the presence of tyranny and slavery in that society.” “True freedom can never exist in a society that embraces Moral Relativism (the idea that there is no inherent and objective difference between Right and Wrong, so humanity may arbitrarily “create” or “decide” Right and Wrong for themselves).” To get rid of the system that has failed individuals for so long, individuals must be inspired to be the change and stop letting others rule over their lives and make it worse, leading to Democide and mass-amounts of harm and natural law transgressions being done annually.


Point and strategy twelve is to focus on bringing the voice of this movement into every stage of conversation, every level of the pyramid-system and part of all the debates. Leading guides can very well be vocal and gather enough public demand, even with simply the gathering of the Libertarian network members as referred to strategy one, to become part of the two-party system debates, in introducing these never-spoken universal ideas and providing education about statism. Other methodologies include getting into the local-media or mainstream-media scene and speaking of the ideas, how necessary they are and how more and more individuals are growing in understanding how necessary they are, with nature’s laws speaking evidently of this, itself, as it is also called “the law of cause and effect”, “the golden rule”, “the law of attraction”, “moral law” and “god’s law.” People must be given faith to escape their dependence and bondage, as also detailed from the Tytler Cycle, where on the world-scale, selfishness would never manifest into the later, evil-stages of the cycle if the ego isn’t fed into by way of statism, for need of masters, and therefore need of slaves. The universal concepts may also be connected and applied almost anywhere and even with conversations often speaking about the symptoms from the world; a guide as messenger, may help fill the voids and connect many dots that would go otherwise undone, to where masses among those conversations can see roots that otherwise wouldn’t have been spotted.


Point and strategy thirteen is to have a distinct flag, such as that of which has been proposed by Nature Is The Answer, to be completely neutral yet relatable and meaningful. This helps amplify voices in bringing awareness to the cause of a movement occurring. Symbols should not be pushed in individual’s faces, it is to show that masses are on board with something for the rest of the masses to see. A movement should be human-inspiring and motivating, providing great energy to the realm of politics, perhaps even fun and difference that would you never expect to see in politics, to provide more impact; therefore unique strategies shall be made to make all, the most human-like, transparent, honest and fun for the change that is very possible. We can make history with an actually grassroots cause, of no money, only the spiritual currency of time and attention and all people themselves; there is no better way to bring knowledge as power to the people, where it belongs. Utilizing modern techniques, such as the internet, more is even possible, however the focus shall be on real-life-change and “getting out there”, especially for initial stages then leading into the unity for more coordinated action. Nature Is The Answer provides many resources about statism and natural law as is, therefore the simple representation going out and about the world, will help educate more people about it, within itself.


Point and strategy fourteen is for all individuals being encouraged to show their own sign, with and as, the movement. From the original logos and flag of the movement, much may come thereafter to help individuals add their own personal touch, for the sake of their own investment and connection, it should be stressed that all individuals make up the movement, and the site of the movement as a whole, and it’s materials, alike Nature Is The Answer’s “share sheet”, exists for all individuals to increase education efforts. The website and general materials meant to spark dialogue, can be considered unifying factors to be kept plain and simple, as they are generally universal for the sake of a grounding-foundation upon the movement.


Point and strategy fifteen, for it’s the summary-strategy, individuals shall utilize all their networks, of any kind, as a means for unity and gathering “unknowns” and people’s of all-party-affiliations for a universal truly grassroots movement. In actuality, there is no debate for the better world we are to live in, since such is of the intended world of humans and nature that we’ve been detached from, distracted about and deterred to debate upon, hence why universal concepts such as the natural law and objective morality that is in relation is considered occult knowledge, purposefully kept away; the true debate rather lives in the actions that help bring us there, to that intended world of nature; this is also often kept away, for it is one to know of the solution and another to know of how to bring about the solution, therefore with another solution that is of need in knowing.

Nature Is The Answer does not seek to replace nor criticize any party of any matter, it rather seeks to help individuals, no matter where, no matter when, the universal concepts that are here to help us move in the desired direction we all seek, which is often freedom always in some form; it is of no end, it is a forever journey, however the optimal world is that of which statism, does not take place and no evil can manifest on great scales. Individuals within the Libertarian Party are free to join Nature is the answer by way of representation, shall they care to promote universal truth. I, as someone who represents Nature Is The Answer, am willing to converse with the Libertarian Party to help reach the world with greater impact, in the cause for truth and freedom, if they care to listen and understand the points and strategies I have laid out here. All that was laid out here is already being done within Nature Is The Answer, and this cannot be seen anywhere else, otherwise I wouldn’t have created it; however strategy nine does not apply and all strategy’s impact is greatly reduced or delayed, unless the Libertarian Party can seek change through way of Nature Is The Answer in indirect integrative-collaboration to amplify all these strategies, points and ideas simply with it’s network usage, referring to strategy fifteen. Again, this was made in particular, for the Libertarian Party, and shall they consider these words, they can make an impact like never seen before on this planet toward inherent universal objective truth, truly in making a force of nature, fighting for nature.

The Message is the Mission. Pro-Humanity, Pro-Truth, Pro-Freedom, Non-Violence, The One Unifying Counter-Agenda. Reduce Harm, Generational Change.

- Cory Edmund Endrulat, Of NITA.ONE “Nature Is The Answer”

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