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why join the "movement"?
independent media version

the following was created for independent creators
who produce their own content or journalism
reposting the following article & video is allowed
the following was written by cory edmund endrulat, simply a fellow messenger

How Independent Media Can Be The Change & Unify, To Change The World, Now & Forever


The independent media has been effective in providing a difference in perspective. If it weren’t for this, they wouldn’t have amassed a great amount of followers. If it weren’t for this, the world may have not been able to think differently when it comes to situations like the Coronavirus, where we are often only told one narrative by the corporately controlled mainstream media. This providing of an alternative, challenges the status quo in allowing individuals to think differently, therefore creating innovation and with that, to our decision: controversy & cognitive dissonance or opening the mind & thinking outside the box of any still-conformity. It is one to speak the universal truths, another to speak of the solution to such universal truths, and this can be a bit of a weight to understand, especially due to it's unique existence in any world of deception and ignorance, scam artists and egos, counterintelligence and counter-opposition.


However, when it comes to alternative, if you had to choose an alternative to the one elitist agenda of pushing for a one world government or control through way of the methodology of divide and conquer and other schemes, what would it be?


Perhaps it would be a form of decentralized government and self-control as opposed to government & mass control, whereas there is unity and guidance as opposed to divide and conquer. As for what it stands, most of the independent media does not have a firm standing with even simply one another when it comes to providing an alternative to the agenda itself, not simply the information. If independent media can simply agree upon freedom and simple truths and needs, why isn’t this used as a firm unifying ground? Do we always need to be “right”? Do people often complain about how people must get together or how there must be change, however forgetting that they can actively be the change and that they can do so now within their own lives? Do we put the effort and care into something greater than ourselves, that our ancestors would be proud of, being that they live within us and brought you to where you are now? If we are all innately unique, can we all unite around simply such ideas? Instead of using others for our own ego and power or staying within our own echo-chambers, can we bring others up with us and toward the truth? Do we fix our act, by crowding out the bad by adding and utilizing in the good? Do we fix the system from the inside-out, alike healing the body from disease? Is disease or the rise of corrupt politicians our own fault entirely?


Is truth, authority itself? Or is authority acting as truth? Can we save humanity through awareness, before we experience harm (prevention)? Is there a grounding foundation we may all come together upon, that is universal, eternal, innate, practical, natural, generational and least-invasive? Is our simple needs being compromised, such as food, water, love, family, tradition, ancestry, morality and freedom? What would happen if you did not tell the truth that nobody else saw? Do all people’s messages deserve to be shared and with reason (which all things are also created with a reason of their own)? Is all aspects and levels of life being compromised in someway? Are we questioning what would have previously never been questioned (ex. gender)? Are there distractions and focuses on the symptoms of the problems, with collectivist mindsets telling people ‘what to think’ instead of ‘how to think’? If any “alternative” arises like there has been (multiple different video sites, medicines and platforms), what happens when there exists many, and how does it relate to unity and direction? If there exists one mainstream narrative and agenda among all the different alternatives, will they still continue to control and steamroll ahead? Is there rooted control of the mind (therefore disconnecting the heart), with the belief system and dependence focused on left and right brain imbalance among other imbalances? Can “movements” be turned into contributing fooling-factors to the one elitist agenda? Given making awareness online, can there become action and awareness in real life? If technology is seen as a potential future threat and censorship is growing, is it being primarily used and focused upon within the independent media which ironically criticizes technology and is censored from such? If the internet is a tool to help us in real life, wouldn’t more focus on change & rooted placement in-real life, help us never be utmost defeated from censorship while getting out to more people who perhaps need the information the most? It may then get out to those who don’t use the internet, who are perhaps older with wisdom, for information that should be passed from generation to generation. If technology is becoming much alike real life in becoming our life, will we know the difference? If you want to make a difference, are you making the difference between the one elitist agenda and the contrary, or the real life versus the illusion? Perhaps it is the most impactful “things” which aren’t “things” that can be the hardest to understand? Is there a dominion of science and wanting to make life convenient or otherwise easy, yet at the same time making life harder and forgetting what is of nature or natural to life? Do we understand if any and all government is innately immoral due to the occult natural law and how we would apply such laws to our day to day life (as well as in circulation from generation to generation)? While most of all things may be at question, do we question the nature of life itself and what nature intends, itself? Do we lose control over ourselves and give it away or seek to control everything that happens in life? Do we become the very things we create and to what level is it a projection or reflection? If all individuals realized their self born-given power, does the power system that be cease to exist and does nature work with you instead of against you? However, then there’s question as to what can be the contrary to the elitist agenda, what can make the most impact, what can be the most unifying and for any one “movement” or “agenda.” You may know that the truth does not exist with any one ideology or one banner, and that none should claim to be. However, what if we were to speak upon such very fact of the matter and on behalf of us?


What this article is going to get into, is exactly that. What is the unifying one counter-agenda to the elitist agenda that be? How can it unite not just the independent media, but all of humanity as a whole? How can anyone agree upon one simple premises? Are people able to come together? What happens when we do come together? There are many questions that may come to mind when we really start thinking about the direction humanity may go, shall the independent media believe it’s righteous for individuals to have more freedom. However getting to that state of “more freedom” has many different prerequisites and conditions. Do you realize the potential? What are you doing to contribute to the change and what could you be doing? How do we know that what we are doing, is right for the direction of the entire world? Does having direction and something to aspire to within our personal lives that helps us feel more connected to the greater duty, contribute to our health and happiness or destiny and passion? If independent media generally knows what has to be done, why don’t we focus on bringing people together around those reasoned action-oriented ideas?


To first put it blatantly, this is not about me or my beliefs projected upon and into the world. Questions that come from this is expected, mystery that comes from not knowing exactly as to what’s to come is also expected. However, if we see a clear as day path and direction for humanity, do we follow it? If at the end of the day, can we all come together and agree upon simple principles of the objective truth that are also universal and here to unite upon in their very nature, will we do it? If everyone, everywhere, can come to the same understandings, somewhere at sometime midst all the ironies that naturally exist in our world, can there be a message as mission for all the generations? To be frankly honest, I wish there WAS a blueprint as such the following I am to introduce, but there simply isn't, in it's understanding methodology and nature thereof. It of moral obligation to share, for I wish not to have presented this work on behalf of myself or in highlighting any ego; due to the nature of the requirements needed to change the world, only this blueprint as such can help fulfill these requirements. This blueprint is verified by the very laws of nature, for working in abidance and fulfilling "the great work" of needed "numbers"; such can be seen as greatly detailed in my presentation "Natural Law & Nature Is The Answer", otherwise known as "Natural Law & The Necessary Actions For The Optimal Conditions", which can be found as a following link on the "Advanced" page of NITA.ONE. Under my own personal works, there have been also many videos detailing the necessary connection and relationships, about independent media and all factors of consideration.


What I am about to introduce is one such blueprint to not only unite all peoples from anywhere at anytime, but also to naturally change humanity in alignment with what is naturally intended to be. Therefore, this is simply a matter of recognition and acknowledgment, then using understanding and reasoning, relying on your human nature as it’s intended to be, of nature and in this case, for nature. Use it so you don’t lose it, use it before you may lose it. By way of this blueprint, it’s the simple recognition that you are the change, but nature helps us with the direction and that the answers are already present but that they are also found from nature. All the “problems” that we see out and about within our world, would actually greatly be lessened by first caring (using our heart, while we can still be empathetic and for those who greatly are), then understanding (through way of mind and the question “why”, from which an open heart contributes to an open mind) and finally, acting in accordance (the root to all disease being the gut, now asking the question of “how” based upon the “why”). This is ultimately quite simple, however it can be quite complex, shall we choose to make it more than it simply is.


Nature, is a word I mentioned, something we are inhabitants of, something we can all speak of as part of our spiritual guide (or God), no matter where we live upon this earth (heart). Something that is applied to the ancient medicine attacked by the pharmaceutical industry, as being considered “natural medicine”, something that is applied to the real law of the land for all of time as being considered “natural law”, or something that is applied to the real right and wrong in justice as being considered “natural rights.” You may see it that all comes from nature and all goes back to nature. We all have nature with us, within us and all throughout. Therefore, what do you choose to do with nature? Is nature with you? Is nature being violated or denatured? Are you for nature (or life, or truth) being harmony, balance, integration and intention, or are you for disease (or denaturing, or evil) being man’s law, man’s drugs, imbalance, lack of harmony, robotic-replacement, dehumanizing, the artificial and “more.” If you are unclear on any of this, that’s perfectly fine, let’s explore what it may mean to have one unifying counter-agenda that is in alignment with nature, as you may best see it.


You may agree with the simple statement: Nature is the answer. So be it, that’s what this blueprint is; however let’s explore what all this means. If I were to say this is the “movement”, let’s explore what benefits may come about for all of humanity. Keep in mind if this movement is also about you and consists of you, among others and nature, different interpretations and ways among seeing this are encouraged. Let’s however try to seek the simplicity, as such may help build a unifying ground. The following questions may help determine if you should represent “Nature Is The Answer”, in otherwords “NITA” so that it may help represent all our presence (independent media unifying and seeking humanity’s unification), as you represent the truth yourself (to actively be the change). Do you want to unify around principles? Are you pro-humanity? Pro-truth? Do you have a voice to share? Do you do your best to do the right thing and do you want to? Do you want to connect with others or find your destiny? Do you want to be inspired to be the change in the world, yourself? Do you want to create conversation? Do you want to help others?


When we seek consensus around such questions, you may keep in mind that if we seek to understand each other, we are seeking unity and that if we seek to change, we must have unity. Instead of pointing the fingers at everyone and everything around us, how about we start taking action ourselves and for the better world we all want to live in. It is very possible to do this, and it actually is not that abstract. The answer to all the many questions including what is the right action to take, what is the better world, how do we take action for ourselves, how do we live our best lives, how do we do as we were born to do and if it hard to do this, lives with nature. However, how can this be? How can nature be the answer to all the questions we may have in the world today? It’s a matter of perspective. We see this through a multitude of factors that intertwine with the already asked questions, often going alongside the many desires for change within our world at any given moment. “Nature is the answer” is often symbolically phrased for the active promotion of the intended, the lost, the truth and the present. Think of it also, like learning from the past or upholding helpful principles from generation to generation. Therefore, it only makes sense that this is also a question when many don’t know what the NITA “movement” is, naturally creating conversation within itself on the pursuit for us all seeking answers (the emphasis on you and self-sustainability within an already given and connected nature). Our world however, has many answers for us to understand and messages to decode and listen to. As we all are detectives and health coaches in this beautiful science experiment called life, it is our job to not disturb life, but to embrace it and abide, especially if many are instead studying it to otherwise manipulate it. In other words, one may study the natural laws to manipulate other people, others may study the natural laws to help other people. It only makes sense to know what the elitist agenda is doing, shall we seek to propose one counter-agenda that may be just as appealingly effective, if not more.


For these reasons among many, the following is perhaps just some of the reasons why one may believe “nature is the answer”. You do not have to agree upon each of the following, however may you seek to understand them and see how they may relate to your life or daily observations. First, perhaps due to the denaturing of our world, or being unable to find our true selves or the objective truth as a whole. Second, due to the great healing power of nature, the ancient medicine used for thousands of years. Third, due to the simplicity of nature and living more free from the stresses of modern confusion and life, while still needing to fulfill simple needs such as food, water, love and family. Fourth, due to the natural law being violated and not understood, as it is often considered “hidden knowledge” (occult) although it is the law of the land as inherent conditions that cannot be changed and are not created by humankind. Such includes all human beings no matter where you live or what time you live in; the natural law is also considered moral law, god’s law, karmic law, the golden rule, the law of cause and effect, and the law of attraction. Therefore, this gives way to common sense, morality and critical thinking. Fifth, due to how we may better understand behavior and consequences to actions, as one may say the “nature” of any one thing is what that one thing is intended to do. Sixth, due to the fact through use of our understanding, we may harmonize ourselves to the real change that must be done that is indisputable, eternal, universal, innate and natural being that it’s through nature and of the truth. Seventh, due to how nature is seen as universal through being depicted as god or any deity, or the representation of such. Eighth, due to the growing need upon lessening government demands and implications within society. Ninth, due to maintaining the simple ability to do as born or intended. Tenth, due to the growing need to uphold human and natural rights. These ideas may have already come to mind, yourself, when thinking about the concept of “nature” or unity and rooted change alike.


Based on these understandings, we may gain an even greater sense of understanding when we break down the phrase “nature is the answer”. The word “nature” means the innate, it may also mean god, world or universe. Through the lens of nature being an answer, it may represent the intended or righteous. The word “answer” means a reply or solution, it may also mean alternative or fulfillment. Among what benefits and realizations may come of NITA for individuals, some of the understandings that may be able to be made includes the following. First, is that we can learn from all of the past and the many who devoted their life for us to live on. Second, is that we are born to create if we care and put the effort into doing so. Third, is that given direction, people are able to lead themselves and they know themselves best anyways. Fourth, is that we are a reflection and through the use of our mentalities, we have the power to control the world we live in and all that we see throughout the world today by doing what we can within our personal lives. Fifth, is that we have the ability to reason and understand, whilst through conversation, question and thought, it helps innovate society through naturally creating critical thinking and common sense, then giving way to creativity and great potential. We can ultimately set the example for the world and for future generations, doing the non-invasive natural-calling of work that must be done. Sixth, is that we are all here for each other and people help the world go around. Seventh, is that by changing ourselves, we effectively change the world around us naturally, as the result of our manifested actions. Eighth, is that the truth waits for nobody and the answers are already present, we simply must align our actions to our desires and fulfill the requirements toward them.


Upon this blueprint of NITA, with you and I already being fellow messengers among one another, fellow guides and coaches, the main message of “nature is the answer” is also the mission. The motto of NITA is that “the message is the mission, the mission is the message.” The mission lives in helping each other, including helping each other understand truth and especially, in unifying all people, as again unification is a necessary proceeding for change. With that said, nature in particular, is of interest because it may be seen as perhaps the most unifying as any one terminology. We all also could utilize the natural law, just like natural medicine, just like our ability to understand, reason and have consciousness as human beings – it’s in our nature. To put this into an equation, you may say that by actively doing what’s objectively right within your own life or seeking the truth, you become a working or striving representation of the truth, the very thing you attract and could be recognized for. Then as a whole, this constitutes the NITA “movement” in action as it relies on our movement of simply utilizing our born-given human nature to the extent that we use it when and where necessary, as intended in nature, utmost optimally for and in abidance to nature. Just imagine what could be done if we were to bring the minds, hearts and guts of many people together, gathering a greater understanding in knowing how to use it, given the understanding why we should.


In short, understanding NITA itself isn’t much harder than simply wanting to unify all people and open ideas, while simply agreeing upon the foundation, being the reasons why nature is the answer. The foundation is also considered the “share-sheet” to share with others, otherwise known as the principles or the fundamentals. The share-sheet takes everything you see here into a simple sheet to share with fellow friends and family and neighbors and communities, preferably through your use of reasoning or one-on-one deliverance. This is just one way to help portray a unifying foundation to individuals, however independent media is more of a special case. If independent media and free thinkers of any kind truly seeks to defeat censorship online, they perhaps should create grassroots change in real life; a foundation that can never be taken away. The idea upon influencing and seeking to unite independent media includes reaching out, sending messages or comments, or even replying to comments under videos, articles and sources of content produced by the communities. It is best to try to leave comments when the video was just released, for more traction as an example. Many individuals comment in videos talking about what has to be done or how sick they are about the world around them. They may even speak of why the events in the world are happening or even ask what we could do. They may even speak upon how we all must get together, but they do not have an actual blueprint for what we could actively and practically do right now, that also brings all these ideas to the public and helps bring all people together while creating inspiration and defeating censorship. Therefore, it only then makes sense to reply to these comments, in helping to bring more clarity to their topic and intention, to the bigger picture of truth to action (“why” to “how”).


There are many individuals who produce amazing content and ultimately agree upon some simple premises in life, such as the additional examples of simply living our lives, seeking truth, seeking freedom, getting rid of government demands, the world being chaotic and needing change etc. The common truths observed and known, is what will help you pitch a unifying solution to all the content communities. For example and to reverberate in other words, you can add this call for unity mentioning NITA onto a popular comment of your own from any video, article or thread section. You may also reply to a preexisting comment in hopes to help further connect the dots and allow people to actually go somewhere, that being the website representing NITA (here) to actually know what could be done for the world with the efforts of own actions, knowing what others may not. Such website is what I consider a unifying factor among the cause aside from the share-sheet, as further base-grounds that all people may go to in efforts to understand NITA. Example comments include the following as some templates to share and modify to your liking.


“Agreed! People NEED to come together, as unity proceeds change. Simply talking to one another & helping those who are in the dark see the truth can help the whole world change naturally, because we are changing ourselves & helping others do the same; so that way, we may ALL BE the change as portrayed by the website NITA.ONE, go check it out so we can do this”.

“Independent media must unite with one another, the website NITA.ONE provides us with the blueprint for change”

“Its simple, we need to appeal to anyone’s level of consciousness to help individuals understand the universal truths of the world. Through use of understanding and reasoning, talking about, creating question & representing a cause rooted in truth; people reap personal health benefits, they find their creativity & destiny, we have something to stand for through all of time that is agreed upon with common sense & critical thinking. Then by changing ourselves, we are changing the world. NITA.ONE is the website of the blueprint to do this, also detailed heavily for those of greater interest to become greater guides & mentors to others.”

“To heal the world, we should get rid of the binding belief systems that don’t serve our nature & limit us from our potential; the blueprint to simply heal the world through way of universal truth, law and freedom is on the website NITA.ONE”

“Nature is the answer to the modern world of techno-tyranny & corruption away from truth & ourselves; NITA.ONE is the website so that we may all represent such a simple rooted universal cause, we all need to get together if we want change. It was made for us all to understand the natural blueprint of life itself”

“Many in the independent media & truth-seekers have now represented NITA because it represents them & more importantly, the underlying ideas that are coming into fruition for need of focus. People are getting NITA flags for free from the website & they are allowing those in the dark to expand their mind by having it simply stand for itself, standing for the presence of individuals on a truth journey & seeking to unify everyone.”


You may add further details such as transitioning from where we are now to more freedom, or allowing voices like theirs to be heard, or working in alignment with natural law, or even using personal reference to what you are doing with NITA.ONE, and how it’s about all of us under one banner with concrete ideas. These ideas are that of which simply may be in alignment with truth (aspects of the truth can be learned through understanding the natural law found on the “advanced” page of NITA.ONE) as previously mentioned. You may even add the fact that they can watch more videos as provided by myself, a fellow guide on Brighteon (here) and Bitchute (here), as well as on the “perspective” page of NITA.ONE to learn more. Do as you wish to help convey the point that we need unity because it becomes growingly evident that we should. You may literally save the world by your efforts of doing this and simply reaching out to those in the dark. We could amass many creative individuals together, forming the frameworks to a more moral, free, loving and truthful society. If you are somebody who makes public appearances, you may put the website there and perhaps even speak about an individual to create a chain-reaction effect of one individual connecting and contacting another to get independent media focused on such change, through unity, through action. If you are a content creator, you may put the website link or similar information-transformation on how we change the world, in the comment section or descriptions or titles or thumbnails.


With the share-sheet as one such portrayals of NITA dependent on your human nature (including forms of creativity, such as speaking), representing it may ultimately inspire and help ground individuals to represent NITA, an innately grounded cause. Ultimately, the takeaway from this is that you are the movement just alike how you are the change. We all are the movement, and together, a greater change. If you want to do good in the world or even want to know how to keep and share such good, there exists an answer, the message as the mission for the generations, nature is the answer. By “represent”, you are representing NITA, often perhaps by using a flag. A flag helps represent our own presence, as it may stand for itself, so that we may stand for ourselves, in efforts to help initiate conversation and help demonstrate unity through an innately-righteous cause to all those around us. It is innately right or moral being that it’s in alignment with the natural law and seeks to harmonize with it. Perhaps to finalize another way to see this all is that we simply want to live our lives in peace, happily and healthy, with real life-long sustainable change. If you agree to these simple terms and want your voice to be heard by actively being the change and seeking unity, do consider representing NITA with a flag. I even offer to send a flag to you for free, and I have been journaling my efforts as you can see so that I can hopefully also inspire you, here at the “journal” page of NITA.ONE. I’m not interested in an audience, I’m interested in an impact. One that is about all of us and the greater ideas that help us all unify simply. By promoting NITA, if you are within independent media, posting comments and reaching out, we could effectively make it a campaign to unite all of independent media and free thinkers. To all act in accordance, so that we have a solid and grounded foundation for and with one another, so that all peoples within can strategize about the future world and come together in protecting truthful principles, for the existence of a one-counter-agenda for a clear-as-day direction for humanity. You will be recognized, and the more effort you put in, the more we all may get out. You are creating your destiny and we are history. I encourage you to promote NITA peacefully and non-invasively, in hopes to let it also inspire you to take on creative pursuits around the common simple-intention goals at hand. We can change the world now, and we can do so, utmost naturally.


Face your fears, open the conversation and reach out. It is fear indeed that is the biggest limitation, and it was fear that always has prevented the truth from getting out there. However, when your fears are faced, how do you feel? What great accomplishments could be made? To most individuals, I assume I am perhaps a nobody. However, am I really? How do you see yourself? Do you have faith and care for the world, seeing all the potential and enough to take action? Are we not sick of people's livelihoods being destroyed and people being purposefully divided? What world do we want to live in where we must remain sitting on spikes. The internet is not where the real change is, it should if anything, motivate us to promote change now and in real life. What's going to happen when the elites only further to control the internet? While this is an information war or a free speech war, it is ultimately a war on nature. It's either you stand with nature or you stand with evil and technology, as technology is being used for evil. Nature isn't being used for evil, it is being actively turned into evil. Don't turn yourself in or give in to the unnatural system, instead understand your connection with the natural system you were designed for. Whether that be studying natural law, talking with others, developing a spiritual practice, eating whole real foods and growing them yourself or taking time off technology, you may see that perhaps the whole world needs it. They may not want it, but their very essence of life will and perhaps in time, they may see. This is due to the fact it's being sucked away from them, their living is becoming unliving, they are not present. Agree or disagree all you want, as I too am human and not a robot, but nature is the answer. If we cannot unite around simply such message, then we have a problem. However, if we can't unite period, then we have a problem. As much as anyone would like to promote anything else, we should likely focus on unity first, if anyone expects change. It perhaps should be top priority. You want to remain free? Our very being to "remain" alone becomes harder by the day due to illusion, imitation, distraction, deterrence, deception and distortion. You cannot be free, if you cannot recognize freedom is already here and you already can. You cannot heal yourself, if you cannot recognize self-healing mechanisms are already here and you already can. We need starter steps, one at a time, we must transition society. This beautiful world was made with us at mind, what do you have at mind for the world?


Believe in good people and have faith in all people. It is very possible, especially before it's too late to which I hope it may never be, especially, however it is ourselves to always partly blame for what’s to happen. If we change ourselves to effectively change the world and rid of the innately immoral statism, you fill your life with life and represent by showing your worth one way or another, you may become the source of life and light upon others. It is recommended you actively steer away from controversy and confusion by all means, to where you shall seek to free your fellowmen, respectfully as a human, appealing if you must to their level of understanding and consciousness. Are they good people at heart and intention? How about you? We could just sit back and watch it all fall apart, but then we are willing to let lives set ablaze by the establishment and systems of evil, as has been done in the past. Let's not be ignorant to the change we can do now. NITA perhaps remains as our last chance, but really the one message as mission through all the generations where history may speak of this and many will speak of you, shall you decide to become more outspoken and present. I encourage you, I will acknowledge you and I will love you as human to human, for simply doing the deed of utilizing your human nature and consciousness by talking to others and using your creativity for something you actually believe in. I want you to believe in it, I want you to be inspired. If you don't think unity is possible, then that is often the very problem. If you aren't inspired, how can you? What more may give way to the very necessary truth? Living among truth, do we have more potential and creativity than ever? Where perhaps, children will have more imagination, more critical thinking and common sense, more family traditions and less technology-dependence or celebrity-obsessions. Bring people up, perhaps may you see it alike bringing a child up, don't use them to your egotistic advantage. Instead, work with people and care to do so. If you don't care to listen to these words or to do anything, perhaps you are part of the problem. While maybe not directly part of it, in time however, it does become.


It will be sad to see how you may succumb to the fate of a world you could've saved. How your ancestry of survival and striving hard all this time has led to you doing nothing? What do you want others to think of you when it comes to alignment with the truth? You are doing nothing complaining about the world we live in or staying within your echo-chamber, with no intention of doing anything about it. When is enough, enough, for you? Is it even about you or is it about the truth? As humans, we can do so much, yet people slum to doing little to nothing for truth. You must face your fears, you must be brave. What do you put first, yourself, others or truth for all of us to even live and be our best selves? You can be angry, you can be compassionate, it is your choice. Both have a time and place but perhaps understand where they come from and understand when they are to be used. Understand for unity, argue for division. If you want division, say NITA isn't clear enough and have no part in helping humanity. If you want unity, say the answers are already present, we simply shouldn't be god or claim to have rights that we don't have. Keep it simple and actively seek simplicity while embracing natural difference, embracing natural disaster, natural change and natural problems. Indeed, are you for the natural change of direction that calls us toward being and acting with truth, or are you for the evil change that wants to denature. Think good will win at the end? What about the expense? How about technology and denaturing that has never been done before in history? The elitist agenda-plan for change can, in effect, work long-term. However, our change, can too. It is on behalf of our decision. Give into them or take and use the power we were given from nature itself. NITA takes into account not only transitional change, but generational change thereafter, also planning long-term. This is perhaps the actual and only war with especially two sides, them or you, denatured or nature, evil or life, truth for some or truth for all, immoral-in-nature statism or real principled anarchy-as-nature. Such is simple intentions, at heart. I encourage you to take action now, represent by going to the “share” page of NITA.ONE or printing up or re-creating the flag to stand for our presence, while we stand for ourselves, the truth and all people, ideas, the natural law, natural medicine and humanity. Thank you, I hope for you to be a fellow messenger, a fellow human who cares for the world we live in. If it weren’t for such care, I would not share this information-transformation with you. Let NITA be your motivation toward the imperfect optimal world. Notice that “security” is always in the name of protecting, when in reality it is to further control. Indeed, if you do not face your fears and escape security, your false sense of protection will have the world still end up in further control.


Remember to be the change, the truth waits for nobody. It is said that great people talk about ideas, whereas average people talk about events and small people talk about other people or themselves. Walk the talk and be there for others if you care, show your worth through your action. There is more than 35 hours worth of philosophical quotes, past figures and government cycles, independent media creators (for more perspective) and diagram depictions to further prove this matter as the clear and necessary way to action. It’s as simple as talking with one another, like I am doing here presenting this to you as you read it. Such may also be greatly helpful for those who wish to become greater guides and messengers, or want to learn more in-depth as to why NITA is the answer within itself to the accumulating situations we are in. What is done with it, is ultimately left up to you. What will prompt you to action? What will motivate you? How can you create change within your own life, perhaps from the inside out? Does it start with a healthy mindset and diet, or environmental and social influence? Does reaching out to your neighbors or getting this message out there, actually help you in doing this at the same time? The more creativity at any given moment about NITA, the more effective this cause may become. I’ll do my best and I ask you, if you are doing your best. We have many questions to ask in a world of too many given answers, but a unifying answer always exists to have us question and question “why”, nature is the answer. The share-sheet is the front page of the NITA.ONE website, and for more information about NITA, it also may be found on the “disclaimers” page of NITA.ONE. Let's keep this simple, let's encourage action around universal truth and getting such universal truths out there as intended to end the worldly cycle of unsustainability and worldly mass harm. If I could choose not to put a banner under these ideas, I would, however it is of the necessary nature of NITA and that it's banner comes of less relevance in times of universal understanding, however for a generational message as forever mission; we must take the moral obligation and courage to be the change, while we still can do the change, as we are intended to be of change in our human nature, for nature seeks such harmony with us and we are to listen and correspond (alignment, abidance). Let this be your journey as we learn, we meet others, we create the conversation and we bring the natural law and universal ideas to all; let's give this our all, all the way, with this way.


In an article titled by Psychology Today, it states “Changing Ourselves to Change the World” providing some useful tips of advice, such as parenting and not giving up. Other great tips are also included in a Psychology Today article titled “How to Change the World”.

“There are only two mistakes one can make on the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting” - Buddha.

I provided you with a way.

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path” - Buddha.

“You cannot travel the path until you have become the path itself” - Buddha.

Nature provides you with a path, nature provides change; be of the path and be the change.


By Cory Edmund Endrulat, A Fellow Messenger

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