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you can be the change with simple action

the following was created for inspired individuals
who seek to be the change and create real change

be sure to first learn about the movement

sharing the flags is the easiest, foremost action

putting the flag anywhere & everywhere
at your house or local streets
public areas where material can be shared
in internet videos, articles & threads

customize material to your liking, to compliment YOU
allow this movement to be a common ground to what YOU do

you may also carry materials to start conversations
such as business cards, flyers, brochures, etc.
numbers are REQUIRED for the change we wish to see!

optimism, presence, inspiration & appeal

a newspaper where YOU can contribute!
100% free and independent for education.
for abolitionism & nature

a non-political campaign for education
to encourage non-participation in political slavery
for abolitionism & nature; share the "never vote" sign

how do my actions help change the world?

why "movement" is in quotes:


truth, love, freedom, nature

The Freedom Movement

Natural Leaders
Natural Living

Natural YOU

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