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evidence & perspective:

the direction should be evident;

given direction, people may lead themselves

otherwise they will be pushed in the wrong direction;

because they cannot lead themselves

we can provide direction for one another

as well as help you understand how to lead yourself

includes optional perspective by fellow messengers

clips are below full-versions

John L0cke & Benj4min Rush: 00:01 to 18:00

Natur4l L4w Intro:

18:00 to 28:00

Random +


5:55:00 to 8:41:00

Random +

Tytl3r Cycle & T0ynbee: 9:03:00 to 9:29:30

Some "F0unding F4thers": 9:29:30 to 9:57:00

Some "F0unding F4thers":

00:00 to 29:30

M4rk Tw4in:

29:30 to 36:30

Random +

Nik0la T3sla:

41:50 to 1:29:15

Random +

R4lph W4ldo Em3rson:

1:34:00 to 2:08:00

Greek Philos0phers:

2:08:00 to 5:28:05

Random +

The Ta0:

6:12:20 to 7:50:50


7:50:50 +


00:00 to 27:50


27:50 to 2:06:09

Random +

D3ism & Random:

2:25:20 to 2:52:18


2:52:18 to 3:01:50

Random & An4rchy & Recap: 3:01:50 +

want to do more than simply represent?

if you see the truth and see the connection you have with it, you have and create motivation and inspiration for it, you look toward and for the desired world you want to live in:


-talk and educate others, tell them of the importance and healing potential ALL has, make noise, create forms of art (painting, singing, writing, memes, designing, presentations, speaking etc.)

-reboot your health, contact your inspirations, get others

involved in events;get the attention of content creators and online figures, make presence online and in-person

-ask if others are pro-nature or pro-human or pro-freedom to joining a cause by representation just about exactly that

do they want to change the world in an innately positive way?

-give flags, flyers and sheets away, post them all about

convey the message through all your missions about

clips from part 2 (verified by philosophy & past):

clips from part 3 (a different perspective):