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your journey of knowledge starts here

are you willing to learn from nature?
let this page help, as the product of freedom by nature!
please have an open mind

to the following information
experiment, discover, educate yourself.
learn the untold knowledge from nature
knowledge is power! empower yourself, so you may help empower others!

we ALL share certain truths, from Nature
let's seek what we all share, if we seek unity!
optionally learning natural law allows us to do this!

natural law seminar

educative lecture by mark passio

easy to learn videos

educative understandings by fellow messengers

knowing the worst of human nature

a simplistic and powerful perspective

the beauty of nature


intentionally created for educating children

the nature of natural justice

shareable & easy to learn pages

what is slavery & abolitionism?

the greatest attack on human nature

what is this movement?

Nature Is The Answer
(nita) Also known as UNITÆ

unite + nita
unity or unit-ae
ae = laws of nature
unit-e = unit-equality
unit-a = unit-answer/abolition
u-nita = you+nature

the message is the mission, the mission is the message
the message and mission is Nature Is The Answer
all about nature, natural law, health, rights and more

slavery is man playing as nature, man-made "authority"

being an abolitionist means you want to abolish slavery
being an abolitionist means you recognize nature's authority

do you agree? help change the world forever!
this is your movement! help create the conversation!

spread the message!


this is an optional unknown 1840 abolitionist flag!
we are free and are of union by nature!

is change possible?

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