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Extra Insight Of Intentions:

this "movement" does not seek profit
- people within will do as they wish, but this isn't supposed to be about money, it should be about people, education and nature

created & maintained by people themselves
- YOU via mentality and action
- there is no "us versus them", we are all humans in nature

unity under the banner of a movement
- oriented around question and action; with steady answer
- if deception prospers, it is the duty of our education
- centered around the message as mission, as guidance
- unity means mass-individual understanding

meant to create question
- meant to question our creation
- creates innovation, may expect natural controversy

bringing truth to action
- many great people have done and said many things
-we can uphold past generational truths & learn from history
- we are to bring natural action to truth when necessary
- not to "win debate", rather to cause, respectively
- not to tell you what to think, rather help in how to think
- looking at the very nature itself, all is at question
- doing what's right (moral) by natural law

a call for truth
- in support of voluntary interaction
- in support of small or independent businesses
- in support of more intended-livings
- more transparency in food and simple-need industries
- promote unheard voices, let more voices portray
- seeking the unsought; education of ALL

we are messengers
- in service to greater truth (natural law)
- regardless of religion and politics and affiliations
- not dominion or revolution, rather worldwide awakening

not to be pushed onto anyone
- shall be EXISTENT for reasoning and understanding
- to be sought & brought from generation to generation
- learn from example; being the change

generally encouraged that we DO NOT protest
change may only occur from changing ourselves, our minds


Notes By The Creator Of UNITAE-

As a human... I have thoughts of my own
- Never to be forced onto others
- I will freely recommend & speak, as I am among all
this includes free-speech video content for thought
individual views expressed can be separate from the mission

Nothing to do with me, not for any agenda
- the share sheet & website speaks of what UNITAE IS by its nature
- messengers may speak upon what UNITAE IS NOT, based on material

- the only "agenda" is that of the OPEN knowledge and action

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