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how your actions change the world

learn what's required to help change the world
in this movement for nature; what could it do?


the 3 aspects of natural change:

1. representation
2. education
3. networking

expressed through time by the 6-step speculation,
or as "representation, presentation, d
or as "integration and promotion"


the 6-step speculation of natural change

as long as the movement moves...
perhaps it may be up these steps. each step includes the previous.

step 1: demonstration of representation
represent with a flag; the starter-reminder stage

step 2: presence of essence
the flag or other materials are noticed; the recognition stage

step 3: voice noise
people speak about the flag and movement; the unity stage

step 4: recommendations and accommodations
people speak about the ideas; the controversial-thinking stage

step 5: education of natural law to direct the mission
people refer to movement material; the reasoning-understanding stage

step 6: generational sustainability through UNITAE
the message continues the mission through generations
the consistent willpower-creation stage


your job is to bring truth to action and keep it in action
using Nature Is The Answer as the guide

the greatest change comes from:
changing and connecting the minds of people
influencing the culture
inspiring social behavior

based on learning natural law & freedom,
integration & promotion for disintegration & demotion:


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