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join me as we talk to others, create question

and get others to represent a REAL cause for nature

let me inspire you to do the same (and I have also improved through time)

the work is necessary for the desired result

it takes bravery & courage, talk 1-on-1 to ALL

i am just a fellow messenger among you; you may deliver the message better

the following includes optional perspective, delivered in a variety of ways

opinions are of my own; not necessarily of UNITA

headphones or earbuds recommended with high volume

the videos do not include the optional podcasts that are available among more works 

more potential than ever...

some will guide more than others

we are not to rule over one another

use understanding & reasoning & creativity,

walk the talk, be the change; show your worth

folks shall showcase your reasoned voice

we are ALL the NITA "movement"

created by

cory edmund endrulat,

a fellow messenger



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