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the american states assembly (TASA) movement

A movement that stems worldwide, with each country sharing it's "land and soil jurisdiction." The goal of the assemblies is to create voluntary self-governance, freedom as by natural law and with the help and application of American common law. The flag pictured above is the "civil flag" (peace flag) of 1779. Please refer to the videos and many resources below to learn about this growing movement. This website page is simply resources for more!

fun informative talk about all

everything about the states assembly

the american states assembly


Know Your Reitz
Voiceovers, compilations, resources

the sovereigns way

the U.S civil flag

your state assembly (local to you)

anna von reitz website & articles

living on land video content

anna von reitz interview

mark & paul interview

chris - freedom international

chris james - a warrior calls

sovereign education defense ministry

the freedom school

Justinian Deception

Common Law courts training manual

Natural Law, Abolitionism, Statism, UNITÆ

the problem with the word "government"

The "Nature Is The Answer" (UNITÆ) movement is freely sharing this movement, and seeks to educate the assembly about morality, statism, abolitionism and natural law. the goal of UNITÆ is to restore human nature and not have them depend upon imagined man-made "authority" or man-made pieces of paper to be obeyed or worshipped. You will assist these efforts by also learning such knowledge.
remember, you are the movement.

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