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want to learn from over 50 speakers?
does slavery still exist?

what is slavery?

is slavery natural?
define slavery, create freedom!

do you know how to define slavery?
you may have been taught
about slavery in school,
but there's more to
what you must know!

a book for all the ages to come

shares everything you need to know...
easy-to-read, light-weight 

and available in any format!
what you will learn:
  • simple and clear definitions about slavery, freedom, rights and more!
  • a brief history of slavery
  • how slavery manifests
  • the different forms of slavery
  • a unique perspective based solely on common sense (reason), equality and justice, not any ideology
  • over 50 quotes from former slaves, abolitionists, philosophers and more!
  • the mentalities involved with slavery
  • what you can teach others and your children, and for generations to come!
  • unifying and timeless principles that can be learned and utilized worldwide!
  • a more inquisitive view of slavery with a unique question and answer format
  • practical action-steps, both individual and collective, for freedom!
  • requirements for the abolition of slavery
  • how you are contributing to slavery
  • common views of definitions versus more clarified and descriptive definitions
  • resources to expand upon the topics presented, for this knowledge that few peoples are presently aware about!
a little about the author:
cory edmund endrulat is a fellow human being and messenger of nature. he is an energetic and passionate researcher, writer, video content creator and integrative nutrition health coach from pennsylvania, the birthplace of american independence. he has done multiple detailed presentations and has written extensive material on a number of different subjects related to health and freedom. all his works connects to his mission and message known as nature is the answer. he also participates as an online teacher part of a worldwide natural law community called the one great work network, where he also has his own live-show and conducts interviews. through his unique approach and experimentation, he found abolitionism and the topic of slavery to be core and essential to the freedom many people desire, as the voices and efforts of the past cannot be forgotten. he also found it as a great way to describe topics about freedom. for this reason, cory has made slavery: gone for good his main work, created with the intention that one day you can make it yours too.

"with this knowledge of freedom, the knowledge of the action steps required toward freedom, and with enough people, we will change the world forever."
know the cause for real freedom

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