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Post Your Own Article (section)

For The Liberator 2 Newspaper

guidelines for posting:

- word limit: 1000

- keep it respectful and somewhat professional,
being authentic and open to the all the public

- universally applicable

- optionally include your social links or donation page

- share your name with your submission
(you may optionally remain anonymous)

accepted topics related to:

- morality

- abolitionism

- ownership

- self-reliance

- natural health
(excluding invasive/restrictive advice)

- events going on

- poetry, art, quotes or media related to the above

most requests accepted. not all requests are accepted.
reasons will be given in a reply to your request.
all posts are unmodified to maintain integrity, only grammar may be adjusted for accessibility.

benefits to posting an article:

supporting the paper is people directly supporting it's contributors: you. the people is the focus. each article contribution gets turned into a video format, with myself narrating and providing images, giving credit to you and sharing the social or donation links you provide in your submission. essentially, this allows me to create videos for you while allowing the newspaper to distribute to more audiences, it is a win win for everyone.
more benefits:
-at 10 articles, i can send you your own personalized business card to represent the newspaper. this also adds a level of reputation and professionalism, while sharing the word.
-at 20 articles, i can send you a free sticker with your name and a message stating to read your articles.

email: corye@disroot.org

~ cory endrulat, editor