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NOTE: The PDF download explains what you need as a speaker. 


This is not a registration to watch the summit,  it is a registration to participate in creating the summit. This is why nita.one/summit is not public YET.

You do not have to create anything for this summit, it is based on interviews. The interviews are the summit itself, it is NOT for the hosts to meet you.


The summit will occur AFTER all the speakers have registered and completed their interviews. This could take several months of time, depending on participation. Please share this webpage with potential speakers.

If you are unsure of anything, please still reach out to the email in the PDF.

Also, nita.one/newspaper will take place AFTER the summit is complete and over. You can register for the newspaper, share it with others and submit articles ahead of time, in the meantime; therefore, please learn about it!


Guidelines For Content Creators PDF Below: