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government is unnatural
anarchy is natural
A practical analysis therein Naturosophy
A book by Cory Edmund Endrulat

Chapter 1: The Natural
You will learn about what it means for something to be considered natural. This section includes a brief overview of the main premises of Naturosophy, the philosophy of nature(s) based on the book Sapientia Naturae.

Chapter 2: Government
You will learn what constitutes the nature of government and why it may be considered "unnatural." This is the main bulk of the book. Within this section, the world's biggest lie is exposed, in order to put an end to countless decades of suffering.

Chapter 3: Anarchy
You will learn what constitutes the real definition of "anarchy" many people do not learn about, and why it may be considered "natural." We come to understand that our reality is not the way it actually is supposed to be.

Chapter 4: Moral Suasion
You will learn about what it means to share this knowledge, how to put it into action and why it will benefit society immensely. It becomes apparent that morality and nature are core to our human existence moving forward.

From the back of the book:
It's dangerous to be right when the world is wrong. It's dangerous to question mankind when nature is disregarded. This is an honest evaluation for an honest world. People claim that they care about nature then proceed to claim that we cannot live without government. They then claim that we can't live with anarchy. Yet, there are lies so strong and evident that proves government to be unnatural, and therefore unfit to exist. Also, truths so strong and evident that proves anarchy to be natural, the way of life that must be understood and embraced. Many lives are in the hands of the few who create evil; but you are of the many, and with this knowledge you allow the many to be empowered to disregard the few. Nature will never be disregarded again, evil will never gain power again. It starts with your nature, if you are willing to use it in reading this book. You can liberate the world for all of time, for true freedom, health and happiness. Nature is all of time and we must learn to use our time wisely, if we care.

About the author:
Cory Edmund Endrulat is a fellow human being and messenger of nature. Host of the End Of Slavery Summit, featuring about 50 speakers and hundreds of resources. Main editor of The Liberator 2 newspaper, online and in-person, for advocating a voluntary free world. Encapsulated the philosophy of natures in what he calls Naturosophy. Author of several books, including Slavery Gone For Good, Sapientia Naturae and Nature's Radical Honesty. Speaker, Natural Law teacher, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, content creator and presenter, inventor and modern Abolitionist. Originally from Pennsylvania, the birthplace of American independence. Specializing on topics concerning health, education, freedom, morality and action. All his works connects to his mission and message known as "Nature Is The Answer."
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