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About The Liberator 2 Newspaper

For Context Upon The Editor's Intent

The Liberator 2 is an educative newspaper started in 2022 by cory edmund endrulat, the main editor, in collaboration with voluntary contributors. the newspaper is open to members of the one great work network, as well as to the mass public. the purpose of the newspaper is not to provide merely symptom-based short-term news, but to provide education and insight into the universal world of nature. the focus of the newspaper is to end slavery, continuing the efforts of the liberator newspaper founded in 1831, lasting until 1865, by william lloyd garrison. as stated numerous times within the writings of garrison and his colleagues, chattel slavery had to be ended due to morality, and this same morality overrides all human authority. this public-friendly newspaper is meant to spark question in regards to morality in relation to authority, to end slavery in all forms not limited to simply chattel slavery.
we look for teachers and guides ~ for modern abolitionism

the problem with the current mainstream press:
“the american press is, to a fearful extent, in the hands of a cowardly, mercenary and unprincipled class of men, who have no regard for truth in dealing with what is unpopular; who cater to the lowest passions of the multitude, and caricature every movement aiming at the overthrow of established wrong; who are as destitute of all fairness in controversy as they are lacking in self-respect; and whose columns are closed against any reply that may be proffered to their libellous accusations. it is true, these men represent the prevailing public sentiment, either in the locality in which they reside, or in the country at large; but, fearfully demoralized as that sentiment is, in many particulars, they aim to make it still more corrupt, rather than to change it for the better. they not only publish all the lies they can pick up, in opposition to the struggling cause of humanity, but they busy themselves in coining lies, which they audaciously present to their credulous readers as reliable truths. there is no end to their deception and tergiversation. such men are far more dangerous to society than burglars, incendiaries and highwaymen. occupying a position of solemn trust, and almost awful responsibility,— exerting a potent influence over a large class of ignorant and unreflecting minds, who look up to them as teachers and guides, however deficient in brains or vicious in morals,—they have it alike in their power and in their disposition to deceive, mislead, circumvent, and demoralize, to a ruinous extent. each of them is a local authority; and of their many readers, comparatively few think of questioning the authenticity of what is laid before them, from day to day, or from week to week. in what part of the country—in what town or village—can an anti-slavery meeting be held, of an uncompromising character, even after a struggle of twenty-five years, without being basely misrepresented by the press, or treated with silent contempt? yes, for a quarter of a century, abolitionism—the denial of the right to make man the property of man—has been lampooned,
anathematized, vilified, unceasingly and universally, by the journals of the day, both religious and secular—its advocates have been held up as crazy fanatics and wild disorganizers—and its meetings represented as unworthy of countenance by sane and decent men! we feel competant thus to arraign the american press generally—first, because we have been familiar with its course for the last forty years —and second, because we have the consciousness of publishing a free, independent, impartial journal, in the columns of which all sides have ever been allowed a fair hearing, and which seeks to make known the truth, the whole truth, and
nothing but the truth
, at whatever cost or hazard. how such a paper— advocating the noblest cause that can engage the attention of man, and giving auxiliary support to other great reformatory movements—is appreciated and sustained, is seen in its petty subscription list, in its limited circulation, in the covert and open effort every where made for its suppression; and how other papers, which espouse the side of the oppressor, make falsehood and jesuitism their stock in trade, and resist every attempt to reform society by removing old abuses, are encouraged and upheld, may be seen in the wide circulation and richly remunerative income of bennet’s herald, the new york observer, the journal of
commerce, and many others of a similar stamp. what does all this indicate as to the state of the country?”
- The Liberator, Abolitionist Newspaper (

the focus of our newspaper...
education of morality for ending slavery:
moral power is putting forth mighty energies to abolish slavery, and elevate four millions of degraded beings to the rank of manhood. it is exerting its multiform influence to regenerate a corrupt public sentiment, and to super-induce a will in the people of the united states to let the oppressed go free. political power hinders and obstructs the progress of this reform by every possible means. it is wedded to slavery, and will uphold it till a new public opinion compels it to stand off.”
- Adin Ballou, Abolitionist (
there exists many more quotes like this from past abolitionists, as well as clear definitions for slavery that helps inspire the focus of our newspaper.
you can learn more about our focus in:

slavery gone for good (2022) - cory edmund endrulat
radical abolitionism (1973) - lewis perry

why is "nature is the answer" part of this work:
“the morality of the act i dispose of as follows: i am myself; you are yourself; we are two distinct persons, equal persons. what you are, i am. you are a man, and so am i. god created both, and made us separate beings. i am not by nature bond to you, or you to me. nature does not make your existence depend upon me, or mine to depend upon yours. i cannot walk upon your legs, or you upon mine. i cannot breathe for you, or you for me; i must breathe for myself, and you for yourself. we are distinct persons, and are each equally provided with faculties necessary to our individual existence. in leaving you, i took nothing but what belonged to me, and in no way lessened your means for obtaining an honest living. your faculties remained yours, and mine became useful to their rightful owner. i therefore see no wrong in any part of the transaction.”
- Frederick Douglass, Former Slave, Abolitionist (

why our Abolitionism challenges the government:

“theorists have told us that laws and governments are made for the security of person and property; but it must be evident to most minds, that they never have, never will accomplish this professed object; although they have had the world at their control for thousands of years, they have brought it to a worse condition than that in which they found it, in spite of immense improvements in mechanism, division of labor, and other elements of civilization to aid them. on the contrary, under the plausible pretext of securing person and property, they have spread wholesale destruction, famine, and wretchedness in every frightful form over all parts of the earth, where peace and security might otherwise have prevailed. they have shed more blood, committed more murders, tortures, and other frightful crimes in the struggles against each other for the privilege of governing, than society ever would or could have suffered in the total absence of all governments whatever. it is impossible for any one who can read the history of governments, and the operations of laws, to feel secure in person and property under any form of government or any code of laws whatever. they invade the private household, they impertinently meddle with, and in their blind and besotted wantonness, presume to regulate the most sacred individual feelings. no feelings of security, no happiness can exist under such circumstances.”
- Josiah Warren, Abolitionist (

what the "no union with slavery" flag means:
the flag is an unknown abolitionist flag from 1860. we view "union" as that of the unified world. we cannot be unified as humanity so long as slavery exists to divide us.
“a ‘union’ not only on paper, but rooted in the heart, whose members, trained in the constant reverence for the inalienable right of sovereignty in every person, would be habituated to forbearance towards even wrong opinions and different educations and tastes, to patient endurance of irremediable injuries, and a self-governing deportment and gentleness of manner, and a prompt but careful resistance to wanton aggression wherever found, which would meet with a ready and an affectionate welcome in any part of the world.”
- Josiah Warren, Abolitionist (

the format of The Liberator
we utilize similar formatting to that of the original liberator newspaper. (one-side:
62.9 × 45.4 cm) however, this is with all the articles in one place. the articles will also be turned into other forms of content. people may optionally print our mainly-online newspaper for in-person viewing, or share it in anyway to their liking. depending on the amount and size of articles in each edition, will determine the full size of each edition to print.

how can i support the newspaper?
this is free and independent, it is dependent upon it's contributors; therefore, please feel free to support each contributor as by their social links or donation links.

in our newspaper:
anyone can contribute
anyone can print
anyone can share