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UNITÆ = you-nita, unit-Æ, UNITE + NITA

old english Æ means "law" of nature

you make NITA, you ARE NITA, this website & material is for you

love, often associated with unity, is to be with UNITA

Æ associated with "e" and "A" sounds, hence unity(e) to UNITA

unit means "single number regarded as undivided whole"

unity (interchangeably unit) means being "one, unique, agreement"

we are ALL one unit (unity) of natural law

higher understanding, represented by UNITA;

u-nita representing "university" meaning "whole, aggregate"

alike "universal", where natural law is understood

understanding is necessary for unity, hence UNITÆ


as the 6-step speculation starts,

folks will naturally come together, forming groups (units)

to help in the mission as message for the one "unifying" counter-agenda,

this is represented by the further steps for "unity"

"unity" represents mass-individual understanding

understanding thereof education of natural law

created by

cory edmund endrulat,

a fellow messenger



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